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G.I. Joe

haaaa! I'm dissappointed! i watched the movie to see Joseph Gordon Levitt, huhu konte lang ang pakita sa kanya na matino pa hitsura nya. he plays cobra commander. i hope in the second movie there will be more scenes where they will show his face and his acting capabilities. this guy is good!

im looking forward to seeing 500 days of summer, sana ipalabas dito sa pinas. indie film ksi to.

for those who dont know him i recommend you watch "brick", "the lookout", "mysterious skin", "stop-loss", "manic" and  "third rock from the sun". not a fan of stop loss and manic, boring films but jgl is still good in them hehe. brick  is highly recommended. mysterious skin is not for the squeamish and faint of heart, cause it  will hit you hard hehe.

and visit his site: hitrecord.org


i purchased a sewing genie on ebay. i delayed paying for it because paypal couldn't find the seller's account from a list of who i should pay. i explained this to the seller and she said that it was okay, then to my surprise she filed an unpaid sellr dispute. to get rid of the dispute i paid her again and this time paypal worked.

she thanked me for the payment. i waited for notification that she had shipped the item because that is what usually what international sellers do. a week had passed and still no notice. i sent her a message asking when i should expect the package. she just replied that it had been shipped, but then she did not provide me a tracking number and told me to wait 6 weeks. she charged me to ship via usps international priority mail which i know based on experience that there should be a tracking number. i waited ten days because that's usually how long it takes for intl. priority mail to arrive. i checked at the post office and it still was not there. its been over six weeks and still no package. now i cant file a dispute gainst her because its been more than the reglementary filing period. that rude annoying seller duped me and delayed me on purpose probably so i wont be able to file my claim, by telling me to wait.

i was stupid enough to wait because i was embarrassed i did not pay on time. but atleast i paid and i have a receipt from paypal to prove it. but this seller did not even give me a tracking number did not notify me when it was shipped and worse she claims she does not remember when the item went out.

grrr. i was so excited about the sewing genie, i thought i didnt have to sew with my fingers anymore, damned you creynov!


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